Pizhala Pokkali Tourism
Pizhala Pokkali Tourism

About us

Our aim is to spread organically cultivated paddy (Rice) prawn , fish and crab to the people in general to improve the health of rice consumers , being participated them in paddy-prawn-crab cultivations staying in our Home stay Farm.

Welcome to authentic Kerala cultural experiences

Greetings from Pizhala Pokkali Tourism Farm. We are pleased to introduce our organic Farm stay. Our Farm stay main attractions are Boating in kerala back waters, Fishing, Paddy Field and Coconut farm. It is a blend of paddy(Rice)- prawn - fish - crab cultivations alternatively in a fully organic way, no chemicals like fertilizer and insecticide used in any stage of cultivations. Every time one cultivation is going on in the same field, Pokkali Paddy (June - October) and fishing season (November - May). Pokkali paddy was issued Geographical Indication Certificate by The Government of INDIA in 2009. This paddy is also called G.I. certified Paddy Crop of KOCHI. Home stay Farm House is built in the middle of the Farm in a calm and quite atmosphere. This Home stay Farm is the all time and all season Tourism Farm of Kochi/Fort kochi. It is opinioned it was nature and bird lover's paradise of KOCHI. Water birds, many types of cranes, are available all time here. Visitors said it was a good place for family outing, weekend and holiday-vacation spending. Nature beauty and many photo locations are abundantly available all over here.

This is an eco-friendly fully organic Home Stay Farm of KOCHI. It is located at PIZHALA Island, near by 8 other greener beautiful islands. These Farm cultivations and greener islands are the most tourist attractions of Kochi or Fort Cochin. Pokkali Farm comes in the category of Pokkali Agri-Homestay Farm, fully organic agricultural Homestay Farm, backwater Homestay Farm, Island homestay Farm, Village Homstay Farm, Rural Homestay Farm of Ernakulam / Kochi or Fort Cochin /Fort kochi. Here the guest can see the nature closer and closer, and hear the sound of nature in alive.


The paddy grains cultivated in coastal area is called 'POKKALI PADDY'. It has high salt resisting power . This paddy plant is the tallest paddy plant and the paddy grain is the biggest grain in the world . Pokkali paddy grain genesis are used in International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) to produce new verities of paddy grains to cultivate in costal area field . Pokkali rice has many medicinal properties like Iron , Zinc , Pottassium and Anti-Oxidant .Government of India has issued Pokkali Paddy a Geographical Indication Certificate in 2008 . So this Pokkali Paddy is the only G.I.Certified Paddy Crop of KOCHI.

About Joseph and Family

Mr. E.D.Joseph, a graduate and Diploma holder in Tourism and Best Farmer award winner, is running this Farm . He has 30 year experiences in paddy-prawn-fish-crab cultivations in fully organic way. Also he was ex- panchayath member and secretary of many Social and Agri- Tourism related Associations. His wife, Mrs. Mary Joseph retired German Nurse, possessed catering certificate, is providing all type of food for domestic and Foreign Guest according to their taste. His son joseph Sebastian (Baby ) multimedia graduate, is managing Farm Open studio. He has a collections of more than 200 photos focused on different occasions and are being exhibited inside and outside of the Farm on request. Sebastian (Baby) is also well trained in cooking and hold catering certificate. Also he is our tour and travel manager, guides guests to the tourist attractive places in KOCHI.

Highlight Features

Chineese fishnet

Mud Crab farming

Village Tour

Traditional fishing methods

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Pizhala Pokkali Tourism Farm - Absolutely perfect place to stay in kochi. Spacious rooms, clean western toilet, new linens, great hosts ( Joseph and Mary ). And many more. Would definitely stay again.

kennethrocke, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Had an absolutely wonderful time at Pokkali Farm! Joseph & Mary where so hospitable - with tons of local knowledge and always offering services of boat/ car etc...

Kaminski Piotr (Komorow, Poland)

Staying in Pokkali Farm Homes was excellent. We enjoyed a lot. The rooms were clean & tidy. Serene atmosphere. I will definitely prefer this Pokkali Farm for my next holidays.

Rochie Christel (Paris, France)